There is a toxic question that surrounds abused women: “why didn’t she just leave him?”
The answer, too often, is that many women that do leave get killed.
“The thing that I did not know that was so revealing to me was that anywhere between 50% and 75% of domestic violence homicides happen at the point of separation or after [the victim] has already left [her abuser],” says Cynthia Hill, director of HBO’s Private Violence.
“When I met Kit Gruelle, she would always point out: ‘Estranged husband. Ex-husband. Ex-boyfriend. Estranged boyfriend.’ It was always that she had tried to leave. She had done exactly what we think they’re supposed to do and she dies. And her children die.”

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  • You’ll keep forgiving the one you love till you hate them

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  • visual-poetry:

»too late to die young« by aldo chaparro (+)
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    liberal feminism for many women, is a desperate way to try to achieve liberation with the only tools they think they have.

    For men, it is the feminism they always wanted. Women catering to men and thinking it is empowering.

  • What was it like to lose him?
    It was like hearing every goodbye ever said to me—said all at once. Lang Leav, Love & Misadventure (via petrichour)

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    the fact that a girl being a feminist is a turn off to a lot of guys is just further proof that sexism exists they’re literally saying they don’t want a girl who requires respect because that’s just no fun 

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    blows my mind that women are considered shrill and whiny when all i have to do is insinuate that male feelings are not my #1 priority at all times and every indignant male in a 500 mile radius comes out of the woodwork to let me know how they feel