When you are your own best friend, you don’t endlessly seek out relationships, friendships, and validation from the wrong sources because you realize that the only approval and validation you need is your own. Mandy Hale, The Single Woman 

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    Every time someone calls BDSM a “counter-culture”, an angel loses its wings. 

    Honestly, there is nothing in your culture that opposes the mainstream, centuries-old norm of violating women’s bodies & minds. You just perfected that art and convinced the oppressed that their oppression is freedom. 

    Give me a counter-culture of kindness, tenderness & respect. Otherwise fuck off. 

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    The women in pornography are real women. Real women who are humiliated, physically hurt, spat on, tortured. They matter. Their pain, emotions and the abuse of their bodies, matters.

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paris | photo by carin olsson
    Of course, the ultimate moment of being Female in Public comes when a woman, deep in thought, is told by a strange man to SMILE. (And this happens only to women.) Gentlemen, let’s get this straight. There is no part of my body that belongs to you, not even my facial expression. From a devastating essay from Laura Lippman, author, about what it’s like to be a woman in public.

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    People don’t like love, they like that flittery flirty feeling. They don’t love love - love is sacrificial, love is ferocious, it’s not emotive. Our culture doesn’t love love, it loves the idea of love. It wants the emotion without paying anything for it. It’s ridiculous. Matt Chandler

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